Outsource Your Overseas Property Business

The Global Property Group, can manage your overseas property businesses for you.
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overseas estate agent business opportunity

Outsource Your Overseas Property Business

The Global Property Group can offer individuals and businesses the ability to operate in and benefit from the booming overseas property markets. We will handel all your enquiries from start to end and pay you a commission on the sales made.

Existing Overseas Property Businesses

We know many estate agents, realtors, financial advisors, etc. have tried to get involved in the overseas property, holiday homes market and have found it hard work, time consuming and difficult to do professionally without it impacting their business.

Most businesses know realise that specialist knowledge, experience and dedicated resources are required to operate successfully in the overseas property, holiday home market.

This is where our services can be of huge benefit to individuals and businesses who have the clients but who do not have the time or expertise to professionally service their needs.

You can benefit from the huge growth in the overseas property market without compromising your existing business.

You are the experts in your business and we are the experts in the holiday and investment overseas property business.

Client Tracking

We have an advanced system of client tracking that provides you with up to the minute information on progress and sales made. So you will always know how many sales you have made and when payments are due.

Global Property Sales

We operate around the Globe and so can satisfy most peoples requirements.

We take care of all the necessary research, investigations and contractual issues to build a diverse portfolio of property for your client to choose from.

What Next

Please continue to browse our web site and then contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of our products or services in more detail.

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Overseas Property Business Opportunity


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